Burando Maritime Services acquires Atlantic Horizon Group

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Rotterdam, 26 September 2023 – Burando Maritime Services, the leading ‘one-stop-ship’ maritime service provider, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Atlantic Horizon Group, further strengthening its market position. Atlantic Horizon is engaged in international and domestic shipping, supplying bunkers, lubricants, and ship supplies to both sea and inland vessels.

Atlantic Horizon’s activities, in operation since 1966, are entirely complementary to Burando and seamlessly align with its operations. The joint enterprises will continue under the name Burando Atlantic Group, with business integration where possible in the coming period, while the Atlantic Horizon divisions will remain operational under the same name. By pooling expertise and resources, the combined company will enhance its ability to serve customers. Burando views the acquisition of Atlantic, with its fleet of 10 inland vessels and 2 sea vessels, as a significant step forward. This acquisition enables Burando to substantially expand its existing fleet of inland vessels and achieve further growth in its maritime activities initiated in 2022. This acquisition reinforces Burando’s position as a prominent player in the maritime sector, with the combined revenue of the resulting combination expected to be approximately EUR 2+ billion.

Luc Braams and Andreas Drenthen, co-CEOs of Burando Maritime Services, stated, “With the acquisition of Atlantic Horizon Group, we take a significant step in realizing our growth strategy. By combining our efforts, we can elevate our service to new heights and better serve our customers. We are excited about the opportunities this acquisition brings, as we add a wonderful and respected company to our organization. We look forward to a successful integration of both organizations.”

About Atlantic Horizon Group

Atlantic Horizon Group, headquartered in Rotterdam, is a leading company in the international shipping industry. They have earned an excellent reputation across various areas, including international and inland shipping, bunkering, fuel trading, and ship supply. Since 1966, the group has expanded into a conglomerate of companies in Rotterdam. In 2002, all companies were united at one location in Madroelhaven, Pernis. Its harbour has modern facilities for loading and unloading lubricants and fuels for inland vessels and bulk deliveries. While Atlantic Horizon Group offers an extensive range of services domestically and internationally, their personalised approach to customers remains a fundamental aspect of their business philosophy.

About Burando Maritime Services

Burando Maritime Services is a prominent full-service provider for the maritime and energy industry, headquartered in Rotterdam. In 2021, First Dutch, the family office of Peter Goedvolk, joined as an investor in Burando. With an impressive track record of over 50 years, Burando offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

Their services encompass the supply of sustainable fuels, transportation of goods, and recycling waste streams into new raw materials. Burando Maritime Services is committed to supporting its customers in navigating the challenges of the maritime industry and energy transition. Burando Maritime Services strongly focuses on sustainability and aims to expand its maritime activities. With the Port of Rotterdam as its primary base, Burando seeks to establish a complementary and distinctive cluster that drives sustainable impact within the maritime sector.