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Navigating fuel price volatility

In the dynamic maritime sector, fuel prices often account for more than 75% of your operational costs. It is, therefore, crucial to have the right pricing risk solutions in place to mitigate the impact of the volatile bunker fuel market.

Our tailored pricing solutions are designed to give you more control over your fuel spend. They are aimed at helping you navigate market uncertainties more effectively. By providing a range of solutions to manage these price changes, we aim to help you significantly reduce one of your key operational costs.

What we offer

We provide a wide portfolio of price risk management solutions, which include, but is not limited to:


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Our fixed forward price option simplifies locking in a fixed price for future bunker requirements, allowing you to avoid price volatility and gain control over your calculated budget. With guaranteed future bunker supply and protection from spot price changes, this solution helps you manage your business planning.

Our floating price structure enables you to lock in a fixed differential against an underlying floating price index. By capping the maximum price for a specified volume and period, you can protect against fuel cost surges while benefiting from falling market prices, providing stability for your business planning.

Our spot pricing option allows for direct deals or contracts based on the current market price, offering flexibility and convenience for purchasing bunkers at an agreed price.

Mitigate your sustainable marine fuel price exposure

Over 99% of international shipping relies on oil products for its energy needs. However, the sector’s 2% contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions highlights the need for alternative solutions to minimize its environmental impact. Sustainable marine fuels have emerged as a promising option to decarbonize the maritime sector in the short and medium term, offering seamless use as drop-in fuels without extensive vessel modifications. Nonetheless, the availability of these fuels can be affected by price fluctuations and sector competition. That’s why we provide a variety of comprehensive solutions to our clients. This encompasses long-term contracts, scenario planning, and direct communication with our trading team. All are aimed at helping our clients effectively manage the costs of obtaining the sustainable marine fuel volumes they require.

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