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From the earliest days of civilization, the maritime industry has been the backbone of global commerce connecting communities and driving economic growth. But as our industry continues to grow, it faces a transformative journey ahead. With the urgent need to reduce environmental impact and align with the goals of the Paris Agreement, the maritime sector is now charting a course toward decarbonization.

Burando Energies is fully dedicated to supporting this crucial transformation as a leading independent supplier of maritime energy solutions. We understand that shifting the shipping sector towards sustainability is a gradual process. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of products and services, including a diverse range of Sustainable Marine Fuels (SMF) designed to meet your present needs while addressing future requirements.

About us

Burando Energies

We’re an independent leading supplier of marine fuels in Europe, dedicated to offering sustainable marine fuels (SMF) to help our customers make a real difference in reducing their environmental impact. The rapid growth of the maritime industry has made it a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. But, with collective action, we can change this trajectory. As regulations advance, the demand for innovative low-carbon solutions grows, offering hope for effectively mitigating the industry’s environmental impact.

At Burando Energies, we’re here to support the maritime industry in reaching environmental goals set by the IMO. We assist our customers in developing robust decarbonization strategies amidst changing legislation. Our energy solutions align with and support your decarbonization goals, ensuring compliance with regulations to accelerate impact.

Our energy solutions

Recognizing the vital need for reliable fuel supply, we guarantee seamless delivery through our trusted fleet of barges. Our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety is evident in all that we do.

We strictly adhere to industry regulations, ensuring that all our supplied energies meet the bunker fuel specifications outlined by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) and comply with ISO8217:2017 standards.

Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions across all ports in the ARA region and Hamburg, providing you with convenient access to our diverse range of marine fuels.

  • VLSFO 0.5%
  • MGO 0.1%
  • DMA 0.1%
  • RMG 380 3.5%
  • RMK700 3.5%
  • SMFB20
  • SMFB30
  • SMFB100

Our blending capabilities

At our dedicated blending facility, we tailor our sustainable marine fuel blends to cater to your vessel’s unique requirements. While the industry commonly uses B30, signifying a blend of 30% biodiesel with traditional diesel, our capabilities extend far beyond. We offer a spectrum of renewable content blends, ranging from 7% up to 100% biodiesel, providing tailored solutions to optimize your vessel’s performance and environmental footprint.

Fuel optimisation

Tailoring blends to your vessel’s specific needs ensures enhanced efficiency and performance.


Our blends fully adhere to industry legislation and are compatible with various maritime engines.

Environmental impact

Personalized blends reduce emissions, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable maritime environment.

Sustainable marine fuels

In pursuing a more sustainable shipping industry, alternative marine fuels have emerged as an effective solution. Yet today, Sustainable Marine Fuels are the most viable option to help shipping companies reduce carbon emissions. What sets these fuels apart from other alternatives is their seamless integration into existing ships as drop-in fuel without the need for technical modifications or compatibility issues. We can provide a range of sustainable marine fuels. Including Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) blends, FAME residuals, and other ISCC-certified residual biostreams, all with greenhouse gas reductions of up to 96%.

What are our sustainable marine fuels made of?

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere compliance. We take great care in selecting the sources of our sustainable marine fuels to ensure they make a genuine positive impact on the environment while supporting your decarbonization goals. That’s why we have committed to procuring our fuels exclusively from waste and residue-based feedstock, deliberately avoiding any adverse effects on food supplies or indirect land use changes. Refraining from using feedstock that could contribute to deforestation or biodiversity loss, we actively safeguard our ecosystems. We prioritize sustainable sourcing and production, recognizing that we must not transfer the environmental burden from one location to another.

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Our tailored price risk solutions

Navigating fuel price volatility

Fluctuating bunker fuel prices can heavily impact operational expenses. That is why we offer a range of tailored pricing solutions to empower you with greater control over your fuel expenses while mitigating market unpredictability and reducing operational costs.

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Discover our shipping capabilities

Burando Shipping

Explore the dependability of shipping division. Our barge fleet is designed to deliver your energy products and cargo seamlessly and sustainably.


Enhancing precision in bunkering

We take pride in delivering bunkers to ships with the utmost precision. As part of our commitment to excellence, a significant portion of our fleet is equipped with flow meters. These devices are crucial in optimizing our operations, allowing for accurate measurement and control of fuel flow. The integration of flow meters ensures that our bunkering procedures are not only efficient but also meticulously precise.

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