Our responsibility

Our ESG approach

ESG factors (Environment, Social & Governance) are crucial in today’s business landscape, impacting companies across industries. As a leading maritime service provider, we recognize the urgent need to reduce our industry’s environmental impact and combat climate change. Our ESG approach focuses on enabling a sustainable shipping industry, prioritizing decarbonization, diversity, and good governance.

We fully integrate ESG considerations into all aspects of our business to build trust, foster strong relationships with stakeholders, and create long-term value. Through transparent reporting and effective risk management, we actively mitigate risks while embracing opportunities for innovation, growth, and positive societal impact.

Our environmental priorities

The maritime sector has undeniably played a significant role in the global economy, facilitating 90% of our trade. However, as we confront the urgent need to reduce our impact on the planet, it is imperative for the industry to transition to a more sustainable approach. We must address climate change and ensure that the maritime sector operates in an environmentally responsible manner to continue reaping its benefits. At our core, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable maritime industry. We fully recognize the sector’s vital role in global trade, but we also understand the urgent need to reduce our impact on the planet.

Our carbon management approach

That is why we’re swiftly taking action to achieve net-zero operations while assisting our customers in their decarbonization journey. We have committed to becoming a carbon-neutral operation by 2050. As a testament to our commitment, we annually assess our carbon footprint and obtain a long-standing ISO 14001 certification, globally recognized as the standard for environmental management.


Harnessing residual heat

At our Burando Environmental facility, we actively harness residual heat from the Zeeland Refinery, leading to substantial reductions in CO2 emissions to reduce the impact within our own operations.

Modernizing our fleet

We’re also modernizing our fleet to minimize our environmental footprint to reduce harmful emissions significantly.

Enabling more sustainable transport

As part of our commitment to reduce the use of fossil fuels, we actively incorporate sustainable marine fuel in our operations to enable more sustainable transport. These fuels undergo rigorous verification, complying with the ISCC certification for fuels made from sustainable biomass. Our pursuit of a climate-neutral future drives us to improve constantly. We are committed to enhancing our practices and making a positive environmental impact. We take pride in our continuous efforts to make a positive impact in enabling the suture of shipping and contribute to this ongoing journey.

Shore power capabilities

We are expanding our shore power capabilities to give customers access to a cleaner energy source, a crucial element of the energy transition. Using shore power, docked ships can reduce their nitrogen, fine dust, and CO2 emissions by accessing a clean energy source.

Promoting circularity

Burando Environmental is a leading maritime waste collection and treatment company in the Netherlands. We are committed to reducing waste and promoting the circular economy in the maritime industry. As a prominent collector of maritime waste, we have developed a unique business model that encompasses the collection, processing, and recycling of various types of maritime waste, including Marpol Annex I-VI waste. We take pride in being the only provider of this service in the market. Through our innovative processes, we can convert water and oil from waste into reusable raw materials, contributing to the circular economy. Being a trusted decarbonization partner to our customers is a source of great pride. We support them in adopting cleaner energy sources and meeting sustainability objectives.

Trusted decarbonisation partner

In addition to our commitments, we actively work with our customers to help them achieve their environmental targets. We understand the importance of providing the services and solutions they need to decarbonize their operations. With our team’s profound knowledge of biofuels, we are equipped to support clients by delivering readily usable energy to make a tangible reduction impact today.

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Our social priorities

In pursuing an inclusive and valued environment, we prioritize welcoming everyone. We focus on providing development opportunities that empower individuals to reach their full potential. That is why we firmly believe in fostering a safe working environment for all our employees. We are dedicated to improving our safety culture and ensuring everyone feels secure and protected. Additionally, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance to safeguard the well-being of our people.

Health & safety

The safety and well-being of our workforce, contractors, visitors, and communities are paramount to us. Our commitment to zero accidents shapes our approach as we strive to prevent incidents and draw important lessons from them. We have integrated health and safety seamlessly into our QHSE framework, ensuring continuous improvement. Through our dedicated efforts to prioritize health and safety, we foster a culture of care and well-being for our employees and stakeholders.

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Human rights

We are committed to upholding and safeguarding our employees’ and stakeholders’ rights and welfare. The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights guide our approach to human rights. These principles are deeply ingrained in our policies, ensuring that human rights are prioritized and protected in all operations.

UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights

Supporting social projects & local communities

Our primary focus is on supporting social projects and local communities within the areas where we are active. We are dedicated to collaborating with charitable organizations and contributing to meaningful social projects.

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Talent development

We invest in talent development through our Burando Atlantic Group Academy (BAG) Program, offering diverse learning opportunities. Regardless of qualifications, we welcome individuals eager to grow and learn. Trainees gain practical experience, collaborate with industry experts, and receive personalized support to thrive. Our program is a springboard for personal and professional growth, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.
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Our commitment to ethics & compliance

We are steadfast in upholding the principles of integrity and responsible practices. That is why we have established robust frameworks that serve as the foundation for maintaining high standards of corporate governance. These frameworks are carefully designed to align with our business model, ensuring that relevant controls are embedded throughout our organization. Our senior management sets an example for all employees, consistently acting in a manner that reflects our values. In every facet of our operations, we adhere to the most stringent ethical standards while operating within the framework of legal requirements. Guided by our code of conduct, these principles form the foundation of our organizational culture. Our code of conduct is a compass, providing clear direction and expectations for every team member. It sets the tone for our work environment, fostering a culture where ethical conduct is valued and expected. By upholding these principles, we cultivate an atmosphere of integrity where ethical behavior is esteemed, respected, and embraced by all.

For a deeper understanding of our ethical practices, safety measures, and commitment to responsible conduct, please explore our code of conduct

Transparent reporting on our sustainability efforts

We are devoted to improving the transparency of our sustainability reporting. We need to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by 2025 and have partnered with Grant Thornton to ensure we meet the requirements. Our objective is to launch our reporting by 2024. We understand the importance of providing comprehensive information about our sustainability practices to our stakeholders. We will work on developing an implementation plan in which we focus on continuously improving upon our efforts to lower the impact of our own operations.



Burando Atlantic Group proudly achieved EcoVadis Silver certification in 2022, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and responsible operations. This certification, provided by the world’s largest sustainability ratings provider, EcoVadis, recognizes our efforts in areas such as environmental impact, labor and human rights, and ethics. We remain dedicated to positively impacting the environment and society as we strive for excellence.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our activities are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The United Nations developed the SDGs to offer a blueprint for how to contribute to creating a more sustainable world.  Through our activities, we are contributing to the following seven SDG goals:

The well-being and safety of our employees, contractors, and the communities we impact are paramount to us. We understand the significance of promoting good health and well-being in society. We have integrated workers' welfare into our QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) framework to ensure this. We are committed to continuously improving this framework. Our dedication to well-being begins with a strong emphasis on the health and safety of everyone involved in our operations. We constantly review and enhance our practices to create a safe working environment where all individuals can return home safely. This commitment fosters a culture of care and well-being where the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders remain our top priority. In addition, we recognize the importance of addressing mental health concerns, especially in the maritime sector. We have established clear standards for labor rights, living conditions, and working conditions for our employees. To support mental health, we have confidential counseling services available through our board crewing department. We actively monitor and combat fatigue, review service periods, and improve onboard accommodations. Our continuous improvement efforts aim to ensure the well-being of our crews on board.

We believe in continuous learning and growth, which is why we offer a wide range of professional development opportunities for our employees. We understand that by providing specific training programs and fostering industry knowledge, we can empower our personnel to excel in their roles and contribute to our collective success. By investing in our team's professional development, we not only support their individual growth but also enhance the overall capabilities and expertise of our organization. In line with this commitment, we have established the BMS Academy program, which takes a hands-on approach to education. It provides comprehensive training through practical learning experiences, allowing our trainees to enhance their skills immediately. We create personalized learning plans to track progress and guide their educational journey. Our aim is to ensure equal opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds and qualifications to grow and develop their skills.

Burando Atlantic Group actively contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of affordable clean energy by prioritizing transitioning to a more sustainable maritime industry. We achieve this by sourcing and supplying low-carbon energy solutions, helping to reduce the environmental impact across the supply chain. As the largest biofuel blender in the Netherlands, we are dedicated to ensuring a secure and stable supply of biofuels for our customers. We recognize the importance of infrastructure development in transforming the energy system. Tank storage play a crucial role in storing energy supplies. We understand the need to retrofit storage capacity to accommodate biofuels, which have slightly different properties and storage requirements than traditional fuels. In 2023, we acquired a storage capacity in Amsterdam that can be retrofitted to store bio-components like FAME and HVO. This facility, equipped with multiple storage tanks, enables us to support our customers in securing a sustainable supply of biofuels and meeting the increasing market demand for low-carbon alternatives.

We are dedicated to creating opportunities for decent work and fostering economic growth that is sustainable, inclusive, and long-lasting. Our commitment extends to eliminating any form of forced labor, prioritizing the highest health and safety standards in all our operations, and ensuring that economic growth does not come at the expense of the environment. We have implemented social and environmental policies that serve as protective measures to uphold these values.

We actively support the maritime sector's transition towards a more sustainable industry through strategic investments and partnerships. Our focus is on providing the necessary services, fuels, and infrastructure to facilitate this transition effectively.

We wholeheartedly embrace UN SDG 12, which focuses on responsible consumption and production. Our commitment lies in not only collecting waste streams through the services of Burando Environmental but also finding innovative ways to repurpose it. By transforming these waste streams into new energy sources, we not only give them a new life but also contribute to diligent waste collection practices. Our approach adheres to the most stringent policies while actively promoting the principles of the circular economy.

We actively contribute to addressing climate change by accelerating the energy transition in shipping. Through our diverse portfolio of low-carbon solutions, we empower our partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable consumption practices. Furthermore, we take responsibility for our own operations by proactively addressing our carbon footprint and ensuring transparent measurement and disclosure of data.

We are dedicated to conducting business with integrity. We believe in being transparent, accountable, and fair in everything we do. Through our comprehensive policies on non-financial indicators like preventing corruption, money laundering, fraud and adhering to sanctions, we actively promote the establishment of strong and fair institutions. We are committed to upholding these values and maintaining the highest ethical standards in our industry.

At Burando, we actively collaborate with industry partners and stakeholders to drive the energy transition in the maritime sector. We recognize that achieving this transition requires collective action for meaningful impact. Additionally, we actively seek partnerships to strengthen our ESG commitments, ensuring effective compliance and contributing to the UN's ESG framework. By joining forces, we can amplify our collective efforts towards a more sustainable future.