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Burando Shipping

At Burando Shipping, we provide secure, streamlined, and environmentally conscious transportation services for products. Our focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability forms the core of our operations. By blending advanced technology with a deep commitment to sustainability, we deliver a seamless experience that not only safeguards your cargo but also minimizes our impact on the planet.

Burando Barging

Our extensive fleet of 75 double-hull inland barges, ranging from 1.0kt to 8.7kt in loading capacity, is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through continuous modernization. We specialize in inland barge transportation, a safe and eco-friendly alternative to road transport. Our inland barge fleet specializes in transporting liquid products; our barges operate through major ports in West-European waterways, including Ghent, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and the Rhine until Basel. From mineral oils to light chemicals and vegetable oil products, we transport a diverse array of cargo, guaranteeing safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Our fleet is at the forefront of sustainability, with a solid focus on equipping our barges in line with the latest technology to ensure fuel efficiency and compliance with the latest emissions regulations.

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The principal activity of Oost Atlantic Lijn is worldwide shipping. An area of specialization in which it boasts quite a tradition today, owning sea-going vessels for transporting bulk cargo, general cargo, and containers. In addition, Burando Shipping operates a sea-going tanker for bunkering at remote ports along the coast from France, UK to Denmark. Our commitment to sustainability extends to these vessels, ensuring that they fully comply with environmental requirements and hold the Green Award.

Our products & services

Bunkering Services

Focused on refueling your vessels at key European ports, our local team guarantees continuous operations. As a physical bunker supplier, we facilitate marine bunker deliveries through our extensive network. We uphold the highest quality and safety standards by utilizing top-tier vessels that comply with environmental regulations. Benefit from our comprehensive fuel management services, supported by our dedication to excellence and expertise, solidifying our reputation for reliability and quality in the industry.

Optimizing performance with our lubricant solutions

We excel in streamlining operations by offering lubricant solutions that precisely fit your operational needs and machinery specifications. Our foundation is built on offering a wide array of lubricants, oils, and greases to meet your vessel’s requirements. Prioritizing reliability and competitive rates, we specialize in delivering marine lubricants customized to enhance your fleet’s performance. Contact our team to discuss your ship or fleet’s needs, whether it’s engine type, fuel type, or application. We’ll walk you through the selection process, suggesting lubricant products that bring enduring value to your operations.

Commitment to safety and environment

We take our commitments to safety and the environment seriously. We invest in quality improvement, employee and crew training, and stringent measures to protect our crew and their surroundings. Our goal is to provide exceptional service that ensures your cargo is transported with the utmost care and attention. Our highest priority at Burando Shipping is health, safety, and environmental protection. We maintain a zero accidents philosophy, evaluate risks, review performance, and share experiences transparently. Our integrated risk-based management system aligns with internationally recognized standards, ensuring compliance with ISO-9001/14001 and ISCC.

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Specialized transportation solutions

In addition to our core transportation services, Burando Shipping is proud to be a recognized kosher supplier, offering specialized transportation options that cater to specific product requirements. Whether it’s kosher products or other specialized cargo needs, we are equipped to meet your unique transportation demands. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities and how we can tailor our services to accommodate your transportation requirements.

QHSE Support

Benefit from the dedicated support of our QHSE Team, which oversees the quality and safety of our management system and colleagues and provides superior service in the maritime sector.

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Our fleet

Burando Barging proudly owns and operates a highly modern fleet, including both owned barges and time-charter barges to offer optimal flexibility. Introducing our latest barges, featuring advanced computerized fuel blending technology, ensures efficient logistics and versatile grade supply capabilities anytime, anywhere. With the growing need for larger bunker volumes and enhanced port turnaround efficiency for seagoing vessels, our fleet is equipped with robust pumps capable of delivering products at a maximum discharge flow of up to 1,800m3/hour. For further information on our Burando-owned barges, please get in touch with us at

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For all your transportation needs, choose Burando Shipping. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service that meets your transportation requirements while upholding the highest safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility standards.

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