Taking ship chandler to the next level

Burando Logistics J&L van Ouwerkerk, ship chandlers, has a long-standing reputation in the trade as a supplier of all the goods and chattels required aboard a seagoing vessel. Van Ouwerkerk supplies literally everything from the tiniest part to complete ship engines, from bonded goods to deck utilities to a large range of food, drink, and tobacco products and specialties, catering to a host of different nationalities. From its environmental friendly cooled and heated warehouse the service is brought to the next level.

Port facilities and specialized handling

Our port infrastructure is tailored to accommodate efficient loading and unloading operations, offering a range of specialized facilities such as fixed cranes, forklift trucks, and dedicated pipelines for handling bulk and drum lubricating oil.

Lubricant logistics

Postoils has a cutting-edge warehouse designed exclusively for fuel and lubricant storage, featuring a specialized floor to prevent surface contamination and a climate-controlled setting to safeguard products from external factors. With dedicated jetty trucks, barges can be safely and environmentally loaded around the clock.

Burando Customs Services

Burando Customs Services delivers exceptional solutions in customs management, adeptly handling specific logistical, administrative, and fiscal challenges. Our team serves as a dependable advisor for any customs-related obstacle.

Modern and unique crane barges

Our state-of-the-art crane barges provide essential on-board delivery support, ensuring efficient transportation and logistics handling on tank terminal jetties and quays.

Extensive services at our bunker station

Located in one of the busiest waterways in the Netherlands, our bunker station in Rotterdam stands as one of the country’s most extensive and modern facilities. It provides significant storage capacity for gas and lubricating oil and a comprehensive range of products and services for inland shipping.

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