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Our sustainability requirements

Burando Energies

We take great care in selecting the sources of our sustainable marine fuels to ensure they make a genuine positive impact on the environment while supporting your decarbonization goals. That’s why we have committed to procuring our fuels exclusively from waste and residue-based feedstock, deliberately avoiding any adverse effects on food supplies or indirect land use changes.

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Our sustainability approach for sustainable marine fuels

Our sustainability policy is not just about meeting regulatory standards; it’s about actively contributing to a cleaner environment while supporting your decarbonization goals.

All sustainable marine fuels are accompanied by a Proof of Sustainability (PoS) compliant with the ISCC chain of custody scheme to validate emission savings. Furthermore, third-party auditors like Dekra or Control Union certify all biofuels to ensure credibility.

Scope 1 and 3 emissions are meticulously audited and authenticated by a third-party assurance company and tokenized. Utilizing blockchain technology, we prevent double claims, ensuring transparency and accountability.

We exclusively allow second-generation feedstocks in our Sustainable Marine Fuels, including waste, residual, and by-products listed under Annex IX of the EU Renewable Energy Directive. Our commitment extends to prohibiting any palm-related products in our sustainable marine fuels. Next to that all drop-in biofuels must demonstrate a minimum 65-70% reduction in Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas savings compared to fossil fuels, aligning with the EU Renewable Energy Directive’s standards.

Sustainable sourcing

We carefully select the sources of our sustainable marine fuels to ensure a genuinely positive environmental impact while supporting your decarbonization ambitions. We procure fuels exclusively from waste and residue-based feedstock, consciously avoiding adverse effects on food supplies and indirect land use changes. By refraining from feedstock that could contribute to deforestation or biodiversity loss, we actively protect our ecosystems. We prioritize sustaining the importance of not shifting the environmental burden from one location to another.


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Our commitment to emission management at Burando Energies

We understand the critical importance of environmental stewardship in the maritime industry. As a leading bunker fuel supplier, we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of emission management, particularly in the realms of Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions.

Managing scope 1 emissions

Our direct contribution to reducing emissions begins with Scope 1 – the emissions we control directly. We are committed to minimizing our operational carbon footprint through innovative practices and efficient fuel management. By optimizing our fleet operations and embracing cleaner fuel technologies, we ensure that our direct emissions are kept to a minimum, thereby supporting our clients in achieving their environmental goals.

Addressing scope 3 emissions for our clients

Understanding the broader impact of our services, we extend our environmental responsibility to include Scope 3 emissions – those that occur in our clients’ value chains. These emissions, although not produced or directly controlled by our clients, are an integral part of their environmental footprint.

We empower our clients to address these indirect emissions through our low-carbon energy solutions. When our clients choose our services for their transport and distribution needs, they leverage our commitment to sustainability. Our low-carbon solutions ensure that the activities fueled by our products contribute to a significant reduction in their Scope 3 emissions.

Why scope 3 matters

For many companies, Scope 3 emissions can account for approximately 90% of their total greenhouse gas emissions. By partnering with Burando Energies, our clients can effectively address these emissions, which are often the most challenging to manage. Our solutions provide a pathway for businesses to extend their sustainability efforts beyond their immediate operations, encompassing the entire supply chain.

Our pledge

Burando Energies

We are not just a fuel supplier; we are your partner in sustainability. By choosing our low-carbon bunker solutions, you are not only ensuring a reliable and efficient fuel supply but also taking a significant step towards a more sustainable maritime industry. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener future for shipping

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