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The maritime industry has been key in fueling economic development and advancing our society. With around 90% of global trade dependent on maritime transport, it has brought significant benefits to our everyday existence. Nevertheless, addressing urgent environmental issues requires a shift towards more sustainable practices. While the sector offers significant growth potential, balancing this growth with a strong focus on sustainability and a commitment to minimizing our industry’s environmental impact is vital.

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As a trusted maritime service provider, Burando Atlantic Group is committed to driving positive change in the industry through our services. We work closely with our customers and partners to promote sustainable business practices and comprehensive solutions tailored to guide your business forward sustainably.

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Take a closer look at the key figures that showcase our maritime capabilities, including our vessel fleet and dedicated team to the scope of our operations.


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Our history

Uncover the journey of Burando Atlantic Group, founded in 1985, and explore how our customer-centric approach has led to continuous expansion and diversification of our offering. Learn how our commitment to putting customers first has driven tailored solutions that meet their evolving needs.


1985: start Burando

Burando's origins date back to 1985 when it was established as Burando Holding B.V. The organization initially launched its operations with a strong emphasis on ship and barge services. It has since expanded to successfully manage a fleet of over 118 vessels today.


2002: first newbuild double hull tanker

In 2002, Burando Holding achieved a significant milestone with the construction of its new-built double Hull tanker, Mts Maxima. The vessel was equipped with state-of-the-art technology, marking a leap forward in the company's commitment to innovation.


2003: strengthening waste disposal capabilities

Burando strengthened its capabilities by acquiring Service Terminal Rotterdam, a strategic move that enhanced the company's capacity for dedicated slop, garbage, and sludge collection. This expansion further fortified Burando's commitment to the safe disposal of regulated waste streams under the MARPOL convention.


2010: diversification into energy products

Expansion of Burando’s energy product portfolio by acquiring Trefoil B.V., a trading company specializing in bunker fuels for maritime customers.


2016: broadening horizons

In 2016, the acquisition of RT Barging significantly expanded the group's inland barging capabilities, marking a pivotal step in the company's growth and operational expansion.


2021: debut of Mts Lynsey

In 2021, the launch of Mts Lynsey, the company's first Stage-V vessel designed to minimize environmental impact, highlights the company's dedication to forward-thinking solutions.


2022: enhancing maritime waste services

The acquisition of Martens waste treatment in Flushing solidified Burando’s position as a comprehensive maritime waste service provider and advanced its commitment to hydrocarbon recycling.


2023: Burando Atlantic Group

Burando Maritime Services acquired Atlantic Horizon Group and rebranded as Burando Atlantic Group, expanding its inland navigation fleet by 10 vessels and enhancing its maritime activities. The acquisition added new opportunities and diversified the portfolio of maritime services.


Burando's ongoing investment in lower-carbon offerings reflects its commitment to meeting current and future customer needs. By aligning with the industry's focus on reducing environmental impact, Burando supports the International Maritime Organization's goal to decrease the carbon intensity of shipping emissions, emphasizing its dedication to more sustainable practices.

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We are a driving force in shipping, trading, logistics, and environmental services. We stay ahead of the curve to deliver exceptional results while always considering what matters most to our partners. Because at the end of the day, we know that the key to delivering exceptional results for our customers is knowing what matters to them, and that’s our top priority.

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