Burando starts transformation of former waste oil terminal into biofuel terminal

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Rotterdam, 23 September 2023 – Burando Atlantic Group has announced the acquisition of a 30,000 m3 storage terminal located at Petroleumhavenweg 50 in Amsterdam, which is set to undergo a transformation into a biofuel terminal in the upcoming months. 

The former waste oil terminal will be converted into a state-of-the-art biofuel terminal. The terminal consists of eight tanks, with capacities ranging from 1,500 to 10,000m3, and is equipped with excellent water connections and truck loading facilities.

Upon completion, the biofuel terminal can store various types of gasoil/diesel and bio-components, including HVO and Fame, among others. Additionally, the terminal site offers ample space for potential future expansions, allowing for further growth and flexibility.

This significant development underscores Burando’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, representing a substantial enhancement to the company’s continuously expanding biofuels trading activities. The facility will bear the name “AMSTERDAM bioFUEL TERMINAL” and aims to play a crucial role in advancing the biofuels industry in the region.